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In business since 2009, TAG Lending provides short term, asset-backed loans to retailers of factory-built housing.  We have an approved network of dealers in 25 states across the nation (and counting).  To date, we have funded nearly 700 loans...over $40 million dollars.  We have strategic partnerships with over 55 factories/brands.  Our personalized account managers, quick loan approvals, and industry expertise set us apart.  At TAG Lending, we lend more than money…we lend your business the strength to succeed.

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TAG Lending LLC It appears you have not joined the healthboards community yet. Join for free, and ask your questions.   home health centers anxiety center more coming soon message boards videos join for free user blogs board index   user name remember me? Password forgot your username or password? viagra 100mg alcohol Register faq posting policy today's posts mark boards read advanced search find a board rare disorders message board  healthboards message boards > health issues > rare disorders > hurthle cell carcinoma       subscribe to rare disorders board   linkback thread tools search this thread display modes 03-01-2008, 08:45 am   # 1 rmcc07 registered user (female)   join date: mar 2008 location: nj posts: 0 hugs: 0 hugged 0 times in 0 posts thanks: 0 thanked 0 times in 0 posts hurthle cell carcinoma i just found out, thru a fine needle bx, that (i have a multinodular thyroid) the largest nodule (cold) has hurtle cells. I think that this means i should have surgery to check this out further. My doctor has not called me back yet and i'm extremely frustrated and worried. Do you think i should push for the surgery?   03-09-2008, 12:33 pm   # 2 ashley79 junior member (female)   join date: mar 2008 location: baton rouge, la, usa posts: 17 hugs: 0 hugged 0 times in 0 posts thanks: 0 thanked 0 times in 0 posts re: hurthle cell carcinoma i think you should. I was scheduled for a biopsy but intead they decided to take out my left lobe to actually test the nodule. This was on 2-20-08. generic viagra online Wednesday i was diagnosed with hurthle cell carcinoma and i'm going back into surgery 3-18. buy viagra on line I wish i'd had the total thyroid removed the first time. cheap generic viagra The problem with hurthle cell is they can't diagnos cancer until they examine the actual nodule. My nodule was 7. 5cm which worries me. The report said it appears to be limited to the thyroid but doesn't say anything about vascular invasion. I am only 28 and very scared. My dr has given me the worst case senario just so i can be prepared if has spread. They are also going to test my lymph nodes during surgery. real viagra pill If they are also cancerous they plan to remove all the lymph nodes in my neck and possibly some muscle too. This is still new to me. I've been researching alot and reading other peoples post. cheap viagra online I now have a ton of questions for him. I'm scared because no one else seems to have had such a large nodule or such aggressive treatment. buy generic viagra But he told me they were going to be very aggresive because i'm so young and they want to get it out of the way while my body can handle it. So my advice is to have the surgery in order to get the correct diagnosis. viagra online without prescription My nodule was ignored for a year because it fluctuated in size and my harmone levels were fine. brand viagra online pharmacy Also i didn't notice it until it was quite visible. viagra for bph symptoms Has anyone else had such a large nodule? Wish you the best and keep.     PO Box 4689   Logan, Utah 84323    T (435) 294-0424   F (435) 213-1414    INFO@taglend.com